My name is Per and I am a cand.scient. in biology from the University of Aarhus in Denmark. I previously worked with nature management for the government of Greenland including management of the nationalpark in Northeast Greenland. I practice nature photography as an interactive way of enjoying and appreciating the beautiful nature in which I live. I’m now based in Denmark after having returned from Greenland. I have primarily shot in Greenland where my passion for photograpy started, but am also intrigued by other natural habitats and wildlife around the world.

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You can also read my photo blogs on the website for Guide to Greenland.

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Nature Photography

Nature photography is actually a pretty wide field of different types of photography. My personal passion lies with wildlife photography, attempting to capture moments with minimal interference on animals in their natural environment.

I also practice landscape photography, being inspired by the vast open spaces of the Arctic. Landscape photography is a challenging and fascinating field trying to do justice to the natural scene, whether it’s mountains, glaciers or seascapes.

Finally I also work with astrophotography, from capturing stars in nightscapes to the thrill of photographing aurora borealis. Creating photos with aurora never gets boring, as this ever changing phenomenon always creates new opportunities.


Why photograph nature? Besides the beauty of many natural scenes and the fascination with wildlife, there is a very particular reason why I personally choose to photograph nature and wildlife. By photographing and displaying the grandness and allure of the natural scenes and the amazing wildlife on our planet, I hope to bring some level of awareness and appreciation of the natural world. The natural world is our greatest gift and we should all cherish and preserve it.

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